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Personalize this beautiful engraved (actual dimensional carved depth into the wood) handcrafted rustic farmhouse sign with your family name, favorite quote, bible verse, saying or image-it makes the perfect gift for that special someone or yourself!

It is made from locally sourced black walnut and can be displayed on a desk, table, dresser, shelf, or counter. It is a perfect addition to your decorative tiered tray as well! The design is carved into the wood and then the sign is sealed to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood and protect it from wear. Please note, the lettering is not colored in any way; it is naturally darkened by the sealer due to the depth of the carve. The photo with black lettering is to show an example of how the design will look carved into the piece only.

To ensure you get the sign that is exactly what you are looking for I offer several sizes to choose from. The sizes shown represent the overall approximate dimensions of the piece; the area with the carving may be different due to the naturally varying live edge.

Approx. Sizes:
Small: 3.5" w x 4" h
Medium: 4.5" w x 5" h
Large: 6" w x 6" h
Extra-Large: 8" w x 8" h

This is a natural product; the product images are a sampling of what the wood looks like. What you receive may have a small knot, all bark, some bark or no bark (just the smooth live edge), darker or lighter coloration, etc. This ensures you receive an absolutely unique piece!

Personalized Family Name Flower Wreath Shelf Sitter | Carved Live Edge Walnut Wo

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